Education and school education on sexual and gender diversity in the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis

Hello, we are the team of SCHLAU Rhein-Sieg and we are pleased that you are interested in the topics of gender and sexual diversity. We offer workshops for young people in the Rhein-Sieg district. We will visit you wherever our workshops are in demand: In schools, sports clubs, church groups, leisure facilities or wherever else you want to invite us.

Information for teachers and youth leaders

Dear teachers, social workers, parents and pedagogical staff

Thank you very much for your interest in a topic that is unfortunately still too rarely discussed. And when it is, insults or exclusionary prejudices often come up.

  • Have you heard the word "gay" among your young people more often, usually in the context of an insult?
  • Have you noticed that your young people's approach to sexual and gender diversity issues is prejudiced or hostile?
  • Can you assume that lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans* and inter* adolescents could easily come out to you and among the young people?
  • Or would you like to take up the topic, but don't know how?

Although we live in a democratic and open society, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans* and inter* people still experience discrimination and exclusion in everyday life. Especially for young people this is often a special and additional burden.

SCHLAU Rhein-Sieg is supported by volunteer teamers. All teamers are trained by our state network SCHLAU NRW in a basic qualification. This specialist knowledge is constantly updated and further developed through advanced training and professional team coordination.

Our team consists of homo-, trans*, bi- and heterosexual volunteer teamers who question prejudices and social role models in workshops with school classes and youth groups, discuss the meaning and effects of discrimination and, embedded in various sexual anti-discrimination pedagogical methods, report on their own experiences in dealing with their sexual identity and their own experiences of discrimination. In this way we want to break down prejudices, prevent physical and psychological violence and contribute to a respectful coexistence.

We would therefore be pleased if you would invite us!

Information for young people


it's great that you're interested in sexual and gender diversity issues. SCHLAU Rhein-Sieg offers workshops to talk about the experiences and living conditions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* people. In small teams we will come to your school, sports club or any other youth group and ask your questions.

We give you the opportunity to get to know lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans* and inter* people and just have a chat with them. So you are allowed to ask everything you are interested in. And there will be a lot of questions, right? In any case we can tell you that there hasn't been a workshop where no questions have been asked. And that is exactly what we are here for!

Besides the questions we will of course bring along many exciting methods on bullying, terms, acceptance and human rights. In the end you will know what you are talking about and you will have had the opportunity to get a picture of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans* and inter* yourself.

If you want to invite SCHLAU to a workshop, contact us. Then we will discuss the further procedure. You are welcome to invite us to tell your teacher or youth leaders about your idea and involve them. Otherwise, we will of course do it for you as well.

We are looking forward to your message!

Your team from SCHLAU Rhein-Sieg

Steps to the SCHLAU Workshop

SCHLAU Rhein-Sieg carries out projects in classes of all school types (including vocational schools) from grade 7 onwards. We also offer projects for youth groups, students or sports clubs.

For a good cooperation here a few hints:

  1. Contact the SCHLAU team as early as possible before the desired date
  2. For the preparation we would like to invite you to a personal interview.
  3. We work with a maximum of 20 young people or a school class.
  4. Please make premises available!
  5. A period of at least 90 minutes must be possible. Experience shows that 180 minutes is an ideal duration. We also offer complete day
  6. workshops or workshops lasting several days - for this we need a lead time of about three months.
  7. We work out an individual workshop program, which is based on the questions of the young people, their level of development and what they have learned and experienced so far. Our modular concept is flexible and process-oriented.
  8. We design the program on the shelf without the presence of the teachers or the pedagogical staff.
  9. After the workshop we would like to have a short follow-up discussion with you.
  10. For our voluntary work we usually ask for a small expense allowance, which you can simply ask us for and which we can of course discuss in individual cases.

As a local SCHLAU project we are docked at check•it.